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Il Primo Italo – Spagnolo - CONDIMENTO DE VINAGRE DE JEREZ “VINAGRERĺA DE NAVARRA” Acidità 5,5                                                           Densità 1,25 Ingredienti: 60% Vinagre de Jerez 40% Mosto d’uva cotto. Processo produttivo: viene realizzato in modo Leggi

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar results from the synergy of two essential natural elements, i.e. Sun and Time.

As soon as local Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes are well-ripe in the hot summer sunshine and thus agreeably sweet-flavoured, they are processed into “mosto” (grape juice). The must is then cooked and consistently reduced in quantity. The acetification and ageing process is only left to the passing of time.

It takes years to mature Balsamic Vinegar within barrels of different woods (cherry, oak, chestnut etc.), into which it is transferred during the lengthy fermentation process.Owing to the differences in temperature between our icy winters and hot summers, these different barrels, combined with the vinegar, produce the distinguishing sweet and sour aromas associated exclusively with balsamic vinegar.

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