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Dano, Mastro Acetaio.

A tradition that starts from his Grand-Grandfather.

A handshake and a few minutes spent in the company of Dodi Ricordano, Dano for his friends, are enough to feel the uncontrollable desire to discover all the secrets of the fascinating world of “Balsamic”. His enthusiasm and love have their roots in the family traditions.

Great-Grandfather Anselmo

The history of the Dodi family goes back in time to 1891 he year of the birth of Dano’s Grandmother Carmelina.
It was thanks to her birth that Dano’s great- grandfather Anselmo, started for his daughter the first “battery” of wooden barrels of five decreasing measure of different woods.
In the agricultural well-off families of that time, it represented the dowry that the child would bring with her when the time would come to get married. Furthermore, after 25 years the elixir rich in nutrients and sugar, obtained from the trebbiano grapes, was a panacea for debilitated children, women and pregnant women.

In 1915 grandmother Carmelina married Ricordano Dodi, a Dairy Master of Parmigiano-Reggiano and the “battery” moved with her from place to place. Over the years, Carmelina never stopped taking care of the barrels to pass them over to her eldest son Rolando, Dano’s father, according to the custom of the time.

Grandmother Carmelina

Dano was born in 1951 and took his name after his grandfather. His destiny was to become a cheese maker, but he immediately established with his grandmother Carmelina a special relationship and she spent much of her time revealing him the secrets and rituals that characterize the production of the Balsamic. After his grandparents’ death Dano inherited the family reserve battery and was helped by his mother Elda in taking care of the family barrels , just as Carmelina had done before.

Elda, Dano’s Mother , with a Chinese customer

At the age of 32, Dano decided to abandon the work of cheese maker for that of Mastro Acetaio, a title obtained thanks to his commitment and effort in getting great expertise in the field.

Dodi and his wife Valeria

The whole family, however, was involved by the enthusiasm of Dano, in fact his mother and his wife Valeria have always worked and played an important role in the company.

Now Valeria goes on taking care of the precious barrels just as the family women had done before.
They have been united by the same passion for this wonderful elixir , still produced with the simplicity and dedication of a time in a simple and familiar environment